Drugs and alcohol is a disease of society that must be taken seriously

Drugs have an important role in research and treatment. However, due to factors of human behavior that deviates, drug abuse by some to be used as an outlet for all the problems of living. They assume that by taking drugs and alcohol will reduce their psychological burden, but that kind of thinking is not correct and will only cause new problems in the lives of its users. Drug and alcohol misuse is synonymous with despair. Only people who have a shallow mind and a coward who was trapped in drugs.

Problems caused by abuse of drugs can be very complex, both physically, mentally, as well as their impact in the community. Physically, the effects of drugs could make them suffer brain damage, nerve, kidney, heart, lungs and liver. Psychological / mental, drugs will make users feel addicted, are cowards did not dare to face the realities of life. While its impact on society is that they will be regarded as social pariahs, and suspicion will make the other affected residents to use drugs as well. The role of drug rehab is very important to help overcome this.

When drug addicts can get treatment, drug treatment is appropriate, and the routine will be able to pass through hard times in their healing process. As for alcohol addicts also require alcohol treatment regularly so they can quickly recover from addiction. Drugs and alcohol are a real threat in society. We all needed care for our citizens to avoid a disease of this society. Living without drugs and alcohol are more beautiful, still waiting for our future to be able to do our best in our life.